The castle is open all year around to groups. A dedicated team developed educational activities that are available at the castle. Their objective is to teach in a fun and creative manner parts of the school curriculum. Created in 2012, the educational workshops brought in over 2,000 children in 2013. A classroom has been dedicated to the project in order for the kids to learn in optimal conditions.

Kindergarten and elementary school:

A guided tour specifically geared towards young children is available and various workshops can be added to the visit (kitchen, garden, drawing, etc.…). Other fun activities are available such as nature trail and treasure hunt. Additional activities can be developed for various ages.

Middle and high school:

The Miromesnil team offers a “Guy de Maupassant” visit. This tour is designed for students who are studying Maupassant’s work. The writer’s life is presented through 19th century documents such as birth certificates, letters and pictures. The history of the castle and the chapel is also mentioned during the tour (the architecture and the remarkable men). Cluedo game and writing workshops can also be added to the visit.