Friends of Miromesnil

Founded in June 2006, the Friends of Miromesnil Association (l’Association des Amis de Miromesnil A.A.M), gather everyone interested in preserving the Norman jewel and its cultural and artistic influence

Castle rehabilitation and enrichment

The association contributes to the chateau artifact improvement as well as the purchase of historical pieces potentially enhancing the quality of the visits, such as royal almanacs, hand written letters, local porcelain inkpots belonging to the Marquis de Miromesnil. They also participate to more practical initiatives such as the construction of a walkway in 2012 allowing the unrivaled viewpoint of the garden. In 2013, the association financed the purchase of historical costumes to enhance the new 18th century exhibit at the castle.

The Association’s activities

One of the Association main activities is the educational workshops.  This is in conjunction with the owners ongoing efforts to provide educational activities to school-aged kids. Additionally, The “Friends of Miromesnil” Association support current events such as the successful Cluedo game night, Heritage day by tending to the tearoom, and the renowned Christmas Market by welcoming more than 25 exhibitors during a couple of weekends in December. (sur le site, on dit 1 weekend)

La Feuille de Chou:

La Feuille de Chou is an informative letter sent to all the Association members.

The Slates and the “Simone de Vogüé” rose

The purchase of slates (5€/slate) is a fun way to participate to the future roof restoration. You can write a personal message on the back of the slate that will be laid on the new roof. With your purchase you will truly be able to belong to the walls of the castle!

In 2012, the rose “Simone de Vogüé” was created to honor the garden designer. To support the project, rose bushes are sold by “The Friends of Miromesnil” Association and available to purchase at the castle.